Kelly (deedee5577) wrote,

tired tired tired........ fl sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel terrible. angie im happy you are ok:). danny it scares me when you sit there and you read me. it is really scarey. at least you cant completely read me like you can angie. it is soooooooooooo freakin freaky when i sit there and talk to you and you know exactly what i feel but its funny when you are wrong :) hehehe nothing sparked the feelings i have i have had them for a REALLY long time.. they just grew so that i couldnt keep them inside anymore. ithose feelings started when i was lil like 6 when everything started to turn to **ll. florida is soooooo boring. i want to go home and be with ed and the rest of my family. it is like im not even family anymore because i NEVER see them. i just found out ed is taller than me now and i saw pictures being i haven't seen him in about 2 years. he really grew up. i have trouble looking at pictures of us together when we were lil because besides my parents and brother he is the family member (living-which isnt many) that means the most to me. we used to be so close now i never see him and i miss it soooooooooooooo much that words cant explain. its bad enough having everyone die and leave me theni cant see one of the family members i love sucks . i miss excitement. i have a baby cousin in which i still didnt meet but he is coming to visit over christmas.......wish ed would come but his dumb @$$ mom wont let him :*( i hate her too. if i dont get to see him im gonna cry. he is the only cousin of mine i trualy love because he is the only one i am/was truely close to. life is sooooooooooooo tiring.. no wounder ppl die. their heart gets tired. mine sure as hell is!!!!! angie probably knows what im talking about. well i am tired of complaining about "life" so im leaving buh bye
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I don't know kel. I'm so sorry to hear about you hurting and feeling like everyone's dying on you. I wish I could take the bad feelings away you know..for everybody. I wish you and me could be close friends, but I'm not close to anyone anymore. They kind of pushed me away because they don't know how to help me. I didn't know angie was in the hospital. Danny was scared so he told me. I was so hurt. Danny's like 'maybe she didn't want you to know' and stuff. I don't know. I worried a lot about her. well I'm going to go. Bye sweetie.