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hey ppl....i have a serious question?!?! isnt there a saying everything is ok ain the end if its not ok then its not the end???? THEN WHEN THE FUCK AM I GONNA FUCKIN FIND THE GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT END!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! ive been looking and i cant fuckin find it....havent i been through enough dying and heart ache and all that fuckin happy ass horse shit in the past 16 years? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! ok im done *smashes head*


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I think by the end they mean the end of your life? I dont get that saying at all. Itll never end. When something 'ends' it starts something else. *lots of hugs* Hold in there hun. The pain, however, will end soon. If that lady was looking at you all crazy eyed for crying, she has a stick up her ass cause if someone looked at my dog and broke down crying I wouldve asked why you were crying! I wish I could get up there. Id take you all out somewhere cool or drag you down here to a club. But just remember, Im here anytime you need me. Just msg me or e-mail me. Ill always get back to you asap! *hugs and more hugs*
there is no end kell it just goes on but what u need is a good outlook on it

when a problem comes along stare it down and win over it sure things hurt but those things pass and sure more things come along but those pass too
my grandpa says to me all the time that theres nothing ever to big to get so upset over and that will make u hate life so much well i always answer with yea well u should see the problems i have today its horrible and its so hard to get over then he will give me a witty retort to that too and say something like well then look at that problem and u tell me if its something u cant work out just by thinking it over and the more i think about it the more i know he is right
we cant just go and let every problem we have make us hate life so much cause when u really think about life is all about problems soon ur gonna grow up and the things u experiance now will eb nothing soon u will have to deal with job losses relationship stuff morgage problems money problems and all these things now will be crap and u wil lsit and wonder why u let everything happening now get to u

blah im sorry that was really confusing its hard to explain what im trying to say i guess really what im syaing is dont let it get u down cause soon u will regret never living when u were young think of all the good times u had and think of the bad

right now i know and i read how u wonder why all this happened and about the whole god thing well kell things dont always happen cause he makes it happen and all those people that say "oh god wil ltake care of this or that" well yea they are talking crap but he is not here to save us or help us or the whoel miracle thing thats a bunch of balone i belive that he s here to watch us and its not his fault that he took anyone away from us by killing them i belive thats scientific eventually ur body gets too weak to run itself and u die on the other hand i do belive on the soul and all that but u dont haveta goto church every sunday ad u dont have to be devoted religous all you really needa do is belive wether u hate god or not as long as u belive its enoguh anyway i think ive trodded enough on the subject of religion i best be going

love ya lots kell and if u need ANYTHING let me know im a hop skip and a jump away oh and if u do get upset remember the jello shots ;P ehehehehe *hugs* love ya