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het after i wrote last...i went and took a four and 1/2 hour was great:) then i took 3 more i.b.profen(not even gonna attempt to spell) and slowly it went away. damnit it angie ive been singin billy joel since you left.....i LOVE billy joel but its driving t crazy cause i havent stopped singing it:) hehehe asshole,...paybacks a bitch:) hehehehe....
ang did you give nathan the pic?? *crosses fingers and hopes* :) my mom is gonna buy stamps i was like i NEED to send "nathans" pic out:0 sshe doesnt know i gave it to you so....SSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!k? K! terence is such a snitch!!!!!!! he told my parents EVERYHTING we did today..good thing we didnt do our plans we woulda been in deep shit:) heh heh
my bro is goin to the docs tomorrow so i have the house to myself...*stretches* it will be great:) PARTAY!!!!! fuckin lil snitch!!!
jess: SMILE!!!!!! i wuv matter who you are but you r you and thats all that matters...k? *hugz*
danny: sorry i couldnt come ALWAYS in trouble:)

im gonna check my email....
luv ya guyz.

always and forever,

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