Kelly (deedee5577) wrote,

dream? life? reality?

dreams are just a bunch of in general is...reality sucks... i was hoping i would never wake up....that my bubble would never break... that i would stay in my happy world forever...heh what a joke... all good things must end :( it ended too soon...i wanted to stay that way forever... i thought i was ok...that my slump was over...i guess it was just a cover up...i was trying so hard to be hapy i actually thought i was but it couldnt last forever could of course not. i can never do anything ALWAYS screwing up...i always make the wrong decisions.. trust the wrong people at ALWAYS in the wrong place at the wrong time. i just wish i could do something right...i wish i could...but woshes neve come true...they are just temporary providers of hope...then yo wake up and realize itz never coming true...they were just spoken words or just a one heard it no one not even you tried to make it happen and probably never will. oh well....back in the slump...was i always there and just unaware??? as blind as can be...and i always will be
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